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Already reading: nurturing early readers in preK and Kindergarten

with Kathy Collins

September 9th


9:00 am-3:00 pm


$150 per educator. Thanks to generous grant support, the Indiana Partnership for Young Writers can offer the Matt Glover and Kathy Collins workshops at no charge to the first 75 educators who register.


breakfast, lunch and a certificate for earned professional growth hours

What does early reading look like-even before young children can decode words on a page? How do we support young children in ways that nurture a love of reading and help them make meaning of any text, whether or not they are reading the words?

Kathy will help early childhood educators recognize and nurture the “reading” that young children do. Teachers will discover:

  • -Important developmental signs and stages of comprehension and meaning making
  • -Strategies for nudging young “readers” to new understandings of language and books
  • -How to create independent and guided reading opportunities in preschool and Kindergarten
  • -Sample reading conferences and whole-class minilessons for preK and Kindergarten classrooms

This workshop expands on the ideas Kathy presents in I AM Readinga professional text she co-authored with Matt Glover.

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