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How About Math Workshop?

with Courtney Flessner

June 22nd


9:00 am-3:00 pm




breakfast, lunch and a certificate for earned professional growth hours

Local math teaching expert,  Courtney Flessner, a math methods instructor at IUPUI, will help teachers in grades K-8 think about math as an inquiry based study, understanding the math that students are asked to do, and how it connects to our everyday experiences.

Learn more about the “balanced math” framework that many teachers are using in their classrooms. If you are familiar with “balanced literacy,” “reading workshop,” or “writing workshop,” you’ll find that Courtney is speaking your language.  Broaden math experience to make connections to number sense, early algebra and other essential concepts.

In this Indiana Partnership for Young Writers classic offering participants will be introduced to research-based practices that facilitate the move from procedural understandings to conceptual understandings in the mathematics classroom.  In an effort to link theory and practice, Courtney will use her experience as a classroom teacher and instructional coach to help participants implement these ideas in their daily practice.


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