Math Leadership

Our leadership groups unite research-minded teacher leaders in ongoing conversation and collaboration, exploring professional texts and implementing and assessing new strategies in their classrooms.

Our Math Leadership Group brings together like-minded people who are willing to take risks and challenge their own pedagogical assumptions about learning. Each Group member will read professional literature and connect his/her thinking to the “real” math work that students do. Each will become a teacher-researcher, developing ways to systematically observe, record and collect study samples from their own math workshops. Each teacher will explore new territory, try new strategies in the classroom, and bring those experiences back to the table for discussion. These experiences will drive our meeting agendas and help inform our teaching and learning.

The Math Leadership Group meets ten times during the school year, working collaboratively with Courtney Flessner to pursue in-depth classroom-based inquiry related to the teaching of math. To participate in Math Leadership Group, each teacher must:

  • Demonstrate interest in and passion for workshop teaching in mathematics.
  • Work with his/her principal to create specific structures and responsibilities that will enable the teacher-leader to bring his/her growing knowledge to peers within the school.
  • Commit to consistent attendance at the monthly meetings and active engagement in study, discussion and practice.  Meetings are held from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. at Butler University in the Pharmacy Building Room 106 one Thursday each month.
  • Obtain financial commitment from the school principal. The cost is $250 per teacher, maximum of two (2) teachers per school.


Participating schools for the 2016-2017 academic year include:

IPS Butler Lab School #60 (Indianapolis Public Schools)
IPS Center for Inquiry 2 (Indianapolis Public Schools)

James Whitcomb Riley School #43 (Indianapolis Public Schools)

Stout Field Elementary (Wayne Township)

Robey Elementary (Wayne Township)

Hoosier Road Elementary (Hamilton Southeastern)

Westfield Intermediate (Westfield Washington Schools)

University School of Nashville (Nashville, TN)

Hinkle Creek Elementary (Noblesville)

Stoney Creek Elementary (Noblesville)

Noble Crossing Elementary (Noblesville)
Eagle Creek Elementary (Pike Township)

Pleasant View Elementary (Zionsville)

Eagle Elementary (Zionsville)

Stonegate Elementary (Zionsville)

Union Elementary (Zionsville)

Boone Meadow Elementary (Zionsville)

Fairlawn Elementary (Evansville)

Caze Elementary (Evansville)

Evansville Vanderberg School Corporation District Level Curriculum Director

Sugar Grove Elementary (Center Grove)

Pleasant Grove Elementary (Center Grove)

Maple Grove Elementary (Center Grove)

North Grove Elementary (Center Grove)

Seymour High School (Seymour)

Redding Elementary (Seymour)

Hawthorne Elementary (Warren)

Holy Spirit School (Archdiocese of Indianapolis)

River Birch Elementary (Avon)


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