Memoir Unit


As the fastest growing genre of the 21st century, it is important for students to study memoir during writer’s workshop in the upper elementary grades. Because every memoir includes a reflection of the writer’s life, moving through this study helps students learn about each other, and strengthens your classroom community. Additionally, students will be able to study closely living authors, and write about things they know well.

Included in this module you will find video resources, sample lesson plans, sample mini-lessons, and other handouts that will support you in teaching a Memoir unit. These resources can support you in thinking about your own teaching in a Memoir unit but they aren’t meant to become THE writing curriculum in your classroom. You are invited to use aspects of this module that will work well your classroom, and adapt the unit to suit the needs of your students. Included below is a sample Memoir unit of study. This unit guide is not intended to be followed exactly, rather teachers should look at it as a loose guide for how they might structure a memoir study in their classrooms.


Memoir Unit Plan

A 30 day unit plan for memoir

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