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Show us your stacks! #immersionstack

October 6, 2017

One way teachers in the IPYW community support one another is by sharing book recommendations and genre lists with colleagues.

As you likely know, seeing what others have in their immersion stacks can help you expand your own with high quality texts that appeal to students. It can also help you think strategically about the texts you choose, taking care to include those written by and about diverse people that represent your students.

Show us your stacks!

We are interested in seeing–and sharing–your immersion stacks in a wide variety of genres. 
  1. Spread the books out on a table (or stack them up as above) and snap a photo, then share it on social media and tag us: @INYoungWriters on Twitter or @indianayoungwriters on Facebook.
  2. You can include the hashtag #immersionstack and the genre you’re studying (for example above, #immersionstack #poetry).
  3. We might ask you to tell us more about your stack to feature in a future blog post.
  4. You can share just one stack or all of them — your choice!
We hope you’ll share these images with us all year long, showcasing all that you do in writing workshop.

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