We bring the nation's most respected education experts to our community to share proven classroom strategies and the theoretical foundations behind them with teachers in grades pre-K through 8.

In each specific content area, our scholars use workshop teaching practices that foster efficacy above and beyond a checklist of skills. Teachers spend 6-20 full hours in conversation with our guest scholars at each session and leave with practical inspiration, ideas and renewed enthusiasm for teaching.

The architecture of workshop teaching is similar across disciplines. It includes a whole class mini-lesson, time for independent work, conferring one-on-one with students and sharing that highlights an important discovery. The work is inquiry-based—teaching students how to think through an overarching question, problem or project rather than simply regurgitate rote facts and procedures—and requires teachers to embrace a developmental approach to education that values students’ existing knowledge and understanding of the world.

In workshop teaching, focused units of study allow teachers to develop multiple lessons across days and weeks, to build to deeper understandings of subject matter. Students are offered a degree of choice, able to undertake projects that have personal significance.

In short, workshop teaching is authentic, with students tackling questions and activities that resemble the work of professionals in the field being studied. In this way, workshop teaching best prepares students for a lifetime of academic, workplace and personal success.


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